We manage The Prince of Wales, a traditional pub in Moseley, a suburban village that’s sort of Birmingham’s answer to Camden. This blog is simply a collection of thoughts, views, discussions, cameos and just general experiences gained from running the pub.

The Gaffer - as our customers (and strangely my sons) like to call me

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  1. One of the most over-used words these days, shored-up further thanks to Cameron the Younger, is “community”. Community is fine, but when, and Moseley’s a good example of this, it seeks to replace the word “individualism” then you’re up xxxx creek. “Community”, as it seeks to assert itself in Moseley, means brow-beating anyone who won’t join the gang in the playground. It’s essentially dictatorship, and very clearly a class issue, with false moral overtones. Some of the individuals concerned, however, it has to be admitted don’t even HAVE any class, but for retaining selective knowledge enought to keep them in the social swim. Original, outright, raw, unbridled individualism is something many can’t handle; they have to find groups, so as to join up enough brain cells to almost form a functioning brain between them. Sometimes I’d warrant Moseley is THE psuedo-intellectual capital of the Western hemisphere! The old clip “Let them eat cake….” seems to be the ring-tone for certain Moseley types, and it’s no wonder the French invented the guillotine – maybe we should erect one on the village green and just get chopping? There has to be a damned committee for everything these days! Aren’t people self-reliant anymore? Can’t they make head-way without relying upon sheer weight of numbers to bulldoze things through? The irony is, that we seem to need a committee to fight the committees!
    And what’s with Oxfam? Sure, I’ve always said and will keep on saying that Oxfam and the Church are joined at the hip, and that when you speak of one you may as well be speaking of the other. And as if having one outlet in Moseley isn’t enough they’ve now got two! It’s been more years than I can bring to mind since any other charity outlet operated in Moseley. Why? Politically incorrect even to ask such a question? Then to hell with political correctness! I couldn’t give a xxxx. A monopoly is a monopoly, it shouldn’t exist, and the Council need to look at it. (But not those members who may be seen as being over-friendly with possible culprits.)
    If anyone’s interested, I’ve put something on welovemoseley.co.uk about the Tesco proposal. I also go along with much of what Keith has said on the blog about some of the hippos in our neck of the woods (Note I say OUR neck of the woods not THIS nor THEIR!) In fact I got a letter off to The Post some time ago, in support of what he’d said in there about Moseley and some of the dinosaurs (my word not his) in our midst, only for that version of The Post not to have shown up for weeks afterwards. Power to the people! (Was Les Woolf, now Wolfy “Citizen” Smith!)

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