Posted by: The Prince of Whales | March 21, 2011

Maisel’s Weizen Beer


The High Life ... beer at 7000 ft

We sell this marvellous wheat beer at The Prince and as the weather gets warmer you can’t beat it for taste and sheer refreshment.

Brewed in Bayreuth in Bavaria, home to the Wagner Festival, it’s a fine example of this style of beer I first enjoyed during my Auf weidersehn Pet period, working on a building site not too far away from Bayreuth.

Me and a couple of English mates spent a few months living in a little village called Prutting am Chiemsee, working for a building company in Rosenheim. It was 1980 and Spring came late. It was cold. We would be picked up every morning, just after 6am.  As we three Englanders squashed into the rear bench seat of a Volkswagen combi, there was always 3 locals up front, weizen beers in hand, chugging away on the bottles and still not even daylight!

These guys would drink, slowly, all day. In fact my job just before the morning break was to go in the site cabin and put half a dozen bottles of weizen beer in hot water. This way they would be warmed up nicely for the “brotzeit” … why have a cup of tea when you can enjoy warm beer.

If you fancy a cold weizen, come and give Maisel’s a try. It has a lovely refreshing Pineapple and Banana flavour and tastes great cold! Prost.


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