Posted by: The Prince of Whales | March 17, 2011

Williams … the King of Schnapps

Perry nice indeed

When on holiday in the Alps, even if you avoid apres ski, its hard to avoid schnapps. Good news if you love the stuff. In Austria Schnapps comes in a whole range of flavours, strengths and colours. Over the past few days we have sampled Obstler (mixed fruit), Marillen (Apircot), Kirsch (cherry), Enzian (made with alpine plants with lovely deep blue flowers), Pflaumen(plum) and even one our host told us was home made from wood!

My favouite schnapps is Williams, or as they as locally Villi or Villiams. Named after the pear variety used as the fruit base for the distillation, a good one is an intense combination of pears and alcohol. First there’s the aroma … no need to swirl the glass as it will hit you between the eyes. Then there’s the alcohol followed by the lovely pear aftertaste.

Next time you travel to Austria, buy a bottle, bring it home and drink it straight out of the freezer. Fantastic.



  1. Lambrini for Toffs.
    Sounds like a proper holiday, good luck dragging Diane away.
    See ya soon.

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