Posted by: The Prince of Whales | March 12, 2011

Guten abend von Switzerland

Thirty years ago I smoked my first cigar in Switzerland. Today I returned and enjoyed another new experience, astep along my personal cigar journey. Three decades ago it was Montreux and Lake Geneva; today it was Zurich and Zurichsee.
I paid a visit to one of the finest humidors I have ever had the pleasure to browse, the walk in humidor in the Don Carlos Cigar Shop in Zollikon, a small suburb on the shores of the lake.
With a very good selection of Cuban cigars, I bought a few that are not found in the UK but then moved on to the main prize. Having checked out the website back home, I knew they had an excellent selection of non Cuban smokes.

I found a new variant of my favourite Don Pepin Garcia, this time the Blue Label. Exciting though this was, my chosen “on the spot” smoke was a recommendation by my host, a La Flor Dominicana ligero Oscuro.
This had a wonderfully dark, oily wrapper. Easy to light, easy to smoke, with a good draw and plenty of smoke. The cigar burned well throughout and developed lovely grey ash.
Of course you all want to know about the flavour. Well a very full flavour with loads of spice. As the smoke progressed, there was dark chocolate, coffee and when I started on the last third, I could swear, there was even mincemeat. Not minced beef, but English mince pie variety.
It was a very good smoke and I look forward to trying the other La flor Dominicana sticks I bought, including to Double Ligero with the chisel tail.


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