Posted by: The Prince of Whales | March 1, 2011

No longer Second City, rather Silver City


Whoever you support, a great day for Brum

Congratulations to Birmingham City Football Club and all their Fans. Sunday’s Carling Cup was an excellent game, a showcase for football and something the whole city can be proud of. I know a few Villa fans will begrudge their rivals this success, but hey, its good for Brum and the FA Cup may yet see the two Birmingham sides meet to thrash out who’s best.

As a long suffering Blackburn Rovers fan, its seems like ancient history when we won the Premier League back in 1994/95. It was a great moment … repayment for years of boyhood disappointment watching miserable games against Grimsby Town and Stockport County. This was the dawn of big money in football and Rovers where one of the first clubs to have the benefit of a massive investment from a wealthy businessman fan.

So our trophy cupboard has been empty of proper trophies for 16 years (and currently we don’t look like changing that) which seems like a mere blink of en eye compared to the Blue Noses 48 year wait. Oh yes I quite forgot we did win the same competition back in 2002 (thank you Simon) when it was the Worthless Cup.

Empty no more, Europe beckons for the Blues beyond the relegation fight ahead.


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