Posted by: The Prince of Whales | February 26, 2011

Councillors … Resignation is the only decent thing to do


Monday Morning at The Council House

Many of you will know that Exlax, a developer that works in partnership with TESCO, plans a new supermarket on the site of the former Meteor Ford dealership on St Mary’s Row in Moseley.  The due process here has been hijacked by the bully boy tactics of the developer. Now most of us know that money doesn’t talk it swears, but what’s happening here is truly a travesty.

There is no due process.

Despite good technical planning reasons to refuse the application (documented very well elsewhere), despite massive local opposition, despite Councillors on the planning committee voting earlier this month to refuse the planning application, the Planning Officers have been bullied (or some would say bribed) in to trying to push this through for approval.

What is the point of the planning system if applications are decided on the basis of the City Council might lose an appeal.  It’s simply not right.

It’s  criminal that the councillors on the committee have been threatened by “maladministration” and personal bankruptcy if they refuse the application. They are now between a rock and the poor house, assuming that Birmingham will still have any poor houses after the coming cuts.

The only decent thing to do is resign. Every single councillor on the Planning Committee should resign before the next committee meeting and every other councillor should refuse to join the committee.  Surely no committee, no decision.

Come on councillors … just do it!


  1. We don’t know the ‘arf of it either. Look for the vested interest and there you will find the skullduggery.

  2. Indeed Keith, but its gone on for years….It woulb be interesting to know what Tesco’s success rate is in gaining planning approval.

  3. In fact when I and many others opposed the Bull Ring development, a similar argument was used by a then prominent Cllr who said that if they refused the development would have gone to appeal to the minister, so he was minded to approve even though he was against it!

  4. Now linked to the Re~Stirred Forum


    Not trying to make an anarchist of ya Keith, but Schnews contains plenty of info the main stream press are quiet about. Scroll down to GROSS-ERY SHOP headline. I’m pretty sure another Schnewsletter has a much more detailed explanation of Tesco and ‘approved’ law firms.

  6. I now understand that the power of surcharge was identified as wrong by the Nolan Commission and abolished as part of the 2000 Local Government Act.

    The only possible remnant of this system is if a councillor personally benefits from any financial losses incurred by a council.

    So it would seem the learned opinion of the developers barrister is complete rubbish.


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