Posted by: The Prince of Whales | February 22, 2011

A surprisingly good cigar


The Perfect Afternoon Smoke?



The H. Upmann Magnum 46 … I have smoked this cigar’s”Big Brother”, the Magnum 50 in the past and to be honest I wasn’t that impressed.  This was perhaps unfair as for the first 25 years of my cigar smoking I wasn’t very adventurous. When I started back in the 1980’s, I tried all sorts.  Then I pretty quickly settled down into a routine with Partagas Luistanias and Monte No 2’s  when I had money. For the really big occasions Cohiba Esplendidos. When money was tight, which was often with 4 kids and a big mortgage, a begruding selection of non Cubans had to do.

I worked in New York for a time about 10 years ago and even then, I followed a similar pattern – experimented for a while then settled down with El Rey del Mondo Flor del Llaneza Maduro. Good value at about $170 for a box of 35.

About 5 years ago, I considered selling cigars in a bar I was running and met up with Patrick from H&F. I wasn’t that experienced and he introduced me to Cohiba Siglo VI and that became my favourite. My non Cuban choice became Rocky Patels Vintage Sixty.


Rocky Patel ... an unlikely name for a very good cigar



My cigar journey continued when a couple of years ago I went to Cuba for the first time and experimented with a few other brands in different shapes and sizes. I went again last year.

The single thing that encouraged me to try an increasingly wide variety of cigars was the UK Cigar Forum as the hundreds of Brothers of the Leaf on-line all love to experiment and swap cigar stories.

So I come back to the H. Upmann Magnum 46. Perhaps a bit lighter in flavour than many of the cigars mentioned above but I really enjoyed the smoke. The cigar looked good, had an excellent draw and smoked really well. The flavours are  quite rich and complex but not in your face. Sweet with perhaps a bit of vanilla spice. Unfortunately the last third was a tad harsh but a very good cigar. Maybe it will become a favourite for an afternoon or early evening smoke.



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