Posted by: The Prince of Whales | February 17, 2011

New Cocktail No. 1 – The Dark n Stormy


The Dark n Stormy



Well its coming up to six months since we launched our Cocktail Lounge at the Prince and things are going really well. In fact so well we are thinking of re-opening the upstairs of the Prince as a Lounge. The other thing we are doing is launching a new Cocktail Menu ready for Spring.

So I am going to publish a series of short blogs featuring each of our new Cocktails. Some are classics, some we created ourselves and some have been suggested by our customers. We are looking for around a dozen new drinks so if you have a good idea, simply let us know your Cocktail suggestion. If we put yours on our list, we will treat you and a friend to a night in our Cocktail Lounge on us. Simply post your ideas on our Facebook page.

Here’s our first Newbie … The Dark n Stormy. Now the classic version uses Goslings Black Seal rum topped up with Ginger Beer, but we prefer our’s with Pusser’s Navy Rum for that extra kick. It’s a lovely long drink that will come into its own as the weather warms up for Spring.

Chin Chin.


  1. Looks nice. Didn’t know you did cocktails!

    • Thanks for feedback James. Yes we converted the old smoke room into a cocktail lounge last September and we have a list with about 30 Cocktails. Its not open every day but Thursday to Sundays from 6pm till close.

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