Posted by: The Prince of Whales | February 17, 2011

Beer Scoring – Initial Results are in …


Keeping filling in your Beer Score cards

Following my blog a couple of days ago,  where I put forward the argument that some Camra members had a bias against the Prince of Wales, initial results from our Beer Score Cards would seem to support this. Basically we believe Camra members who do fill in Beer Score Cards on visiting pubs, are inclined to give “popular/mainstream cask beers” like Abbot and Tribute, a lower score than beers from smaller breweries. As we sell these beers, The Prince of Wales gets marked down on Camra’s National Beer Score card database.

This is important because at a Branch level, this data is used to select pubs for the Good Beer Guide.

The fact that we sell beers like Jaipur, Harvest Pale, Purity Gold and UBU does not compensate for this bias.

Having run our own Beer Score Card System for two days now we have the following results

Estimated number of pints of cask sold   380

Number of scorecards returned                 168

Number of cards scoring 0                               0

Number of cards scoring 1                                0

Number of cards scoring 2                                3

Number of Cards scoring 3                             37

Number of cards scoring 4                             92

Number of cards scoring 5                             23

Average score                                                     3.9

Number of spoiled cards                                13

This average of 3.9 is considerably higher than the score awarded to the Prince by Camra members. Obviously one could argue our regulars are bias in favour of the Prince, but with plenty of cask beer on offer in Moseley and given we charge a premium for our cask, I would question this. Our regulars come here because the beer is, on average, very good and is excellent beer in excellent condition (scoring a 4 on the Camra system).

Now this is very early days and obviously based on a sample of only 155 cards so a more robust analysis will be possible once say we have 500 or 1000 cards returned.

We will display our performance for the prior week in the bar so that everyone can see how well we do at maintaining  beer quality. We can set a goal of achieving a rating of 4 consistently.


  1. Great initiative, maybe all Real Ale pubs should be made to display this datta

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