Posted by: The Prince of Whales | February 5, 2011

Help us select a new cask beer


For hops fans everywhere

Fantastically floral

Norfolk's finest session bitter

From Sheffield not Texas

Worthy of a Pilgrimage















Part of our strategy at the Prince is to offer simply the finest beers in the land. Our 10 handpulls try to present a variety of beer styles and ale brands to suit all our customers, each one at the top of its class.  Camra purists are often disappointed as we tend to shun the weird and the wonderful, avoiding the latestest brewing indulgence of some small micros,even if the names are mildly amusing for a couple of minutes.

Our customers want great beers and they don’t mind if they are very successful. St Austell Tribute and Timothy Taylor Landlord are both brands that enjoy fantastic commercial success; yet they are wonderful examples of particular styles of beer. Once we find a beer that our customers like, we stick with it. It’s what our customers want.

So now we want to select a new beer, we have compiled a short list of candidates. These are:

Kelham Island Pale Rider

Woodforde’s Wherry

Burton Bridge Stairway to Heaven

Oakham’s Bishop’s Farewell

Darkstar Hophead

Now these are all great beers; each an outstanding example of their particular style of ale. So lets us know your views and we will use the feedback to select a new beer to add to our range.



  1. Woodforde’s Wherry is a good session beer with a good flavour so is the dark star beer.
    After a few pints of Pale Rider your customers would be on their back.

    • Thanks for comments. You are right … Hophead and Wherry are great beers. Don’t dismiss the Pale Rider though, we sell 5 firkins a week of Jaipur, which at 5.9% is a good bit stronger. All the best Keith

  2. Woodforde’s Wherry is a decent pint – worth recommending, I think. I don’t know how it travels but it’s good in Norwich.

    I thoroughly agree with your comments about CAMRA anoraks and their pubs. (I’m also a member of CAMRA!) I drink regularly in The Anchor in Digbeth and struggle to find a palatable pint!

    • Dear martyn,

      Thanks for the comment … glad you enjoyed the blog. The new beer will be Oakham’s Bishop’s Farewell. No doubt we will do Wherry again at some point. Cheers keith

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