Posted by: The Prince of Whales | January 10, 2011

Urgent Call to Action

Send an email Now!

Tomorrow night there is a meeting of the Moseley Regeneration Group. Its a small group of people who the Council see as representing the good folks of Moseley on Planning Issues and regeneration in particular. They are going to discuss the site next to the Prince at their meeting but I suspect they will do nothing to support the pub unless we lobby them intensively before 5pm tomorrow.

I have sent their Chairman the following email:

“I would urge you to make the following points: (to the chair of the Planning Committee)

  • The Planning officer’s recommendation for approval is against the advice of the city’s own expert officals.
  • The original consent should not have been given. The potential for noise issues was identified by the Director of Regulatory Services for Birmingham City Council who recommended refusal of the original application.  Such an intensive development of the site would mean apartments are only 20ft away from one of the best used Beer Gardens in Birmingham.
  • The original and new noise surveys were both undertaken in winter, when the Beer Garden is relatively quiet.
  • A large number of the planned apartments have balconies … it does matter what specification the windows have, the balconies will be noisy.
  • Unlike other Birmingham pubs that have been closed down by neighbours, this is not about late night music. Its about the noise made by 200/300 people simply enjoying themselves in the beer garden after 11pm on weekends. 15% of our trade comes from these sales and any restriction will make the pub unviable.
  • Amost 500 Moseley residents have objected to the application.
  • The police and the fire brigade object to the application.
  • The Prince of Wales is widely regarded as Moseley’s last traditional pub and this year it celebrates its 150 anniversary. It deserves protection.
  • The moneywise site should be used for a purpose that has a stronger “civic” dimension. Moseley does not need more yuppie flats yet this site is only 1 of 3 large main road development plots available for a big civic project.
  • The Prince of Wales is a member of The MBA and we believe the MBA should protect the interests of its members.

Please discuss this at the Regen meeting and let me know the outcome of your discussion. I would be happy to attend the Regen meeting if this helps.

Please email the following people urging them to support the pub:   (Moseley Business Association)  (Moseley Regeneration)     (the Councillors)

Please use cut and paste my text to send your own message urging the Moseley Business Association and The Moseley Regen Group to support the Prince by emailing the Chair of the Planning Committee before Thursday’s meeting.


  1. Just got this response from Cllr, Mullaney;

    Many thanks for your e-mail.
    I am a regular customer of the Prince of Wales pub, so share many of your concerns.
    Can I ask that you send your objection to and include the planning application number 2010/04473/PA – 120-126 Alcester Road Moseley Birmingham B13 8EE

    Might be a good idea to update the list with the planning application number and email address.

  2. Customers of the Prince of Wales who don’t want to see their only traditional village pub threatened by the proposed development next to the pub please take action!

    Send an EMAIL TODAY to for the attention of Victoria Barnett (Planning Officer deciding this application), urging the council’s planning team to REFUSE the Planning Application (no. 2010/04473/PA) to build residential flats at 120-126 Alcester Rd, Moseley, B13 8EE. Please give the reasons listed in Keith’s post below, plus any comments of your own. Don’t delay, do it TODAY!

    Also feel free to bombard them with phone calls as well! The number for the Planning Dept is 0121 303 1115. Ask for Victoria Barnett, Planning Officer.

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