Posted by: The Prince of Whales | December 22, 2010

Please Don’t Stop the Music


Developer Spies on Prince of Wales

Last Saturday night The Destroyers gave us another legendary performance at the Prince of Wales. Despite the freezing cold, we had about 250 guests enjoying their Balkan madness in the Marquee.What was really great about this gig was how the enjoyment transended generations with everyone from students to pensioners joining in.

Tonight (Wednesday 22nd) we have a Christmas Party gig by Age Concern playing lots of old school Rock n Roll, with DJ Screaming Richard Quinn providing the  warm up.

Having just finished Tuesday nights impromptu folk session, the sound of the spoons and a penny whistle is still ringing in my ears.

It’s truly great to run a pub where many different people play, listen to and celebrate many different kinds of music.

What really pisses me off is I discovered that a few weeks ago Crosby Lend Lease, the developer of the proposed flats next door, came to the Tuesday night folk session. One of their employees pretended to want to record some of the folk session for radio, so the musicans and my staff agreed. This person then used noise level recording equipment to record the sound levels in the pub. This information can now be used against us.

I am not concerned about the noise per se as quite frankly, it was as always purely an acoustic session.

What I think is truly sad is the levels these bastards will go to to shut down any events at the Prince of Wales. A corporation that generates $323m in annual profits pays one of its staff to lie to our bar staff. For me that takes Corporate Social Responsibility to new depths!

The Lend Lease Code of Code, available on their website states implores employees to ask themselves this question …

“Would I be willing to see what I’m doing or about to do
described in detail on the front page of a national newspaper
to be read by family and friends?”

This is something I intend to take up with their Chief Executive.

In the New Year you can reassured we will be putting together a very determined campaign to stop corporate greed closing down Moseley’s last traditional pub. Watch this space, lets keep our powder dry for now and I am sure with your help we can save The Prince.



  1. if hundreds of people felt like e mailing them, that would be very wrong as it would cause a real nuisance so don’t send anything about their attempt to stop music aat the PoW to

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