Posted by: The Prince of Whales | November 3, 2010

Ambushed by The Moseley Mafia


The Dovecote - Moseley for Posh People

Tonight everyone who enjoys a good night out in Moseley was betrayed by a group of Moseley residents, whose biggest crime is to claim that they represent all of us when they only represent themselves. I sat in a meeting with the police, The Moseley Society and other community groups. I was ambushed and the losers are everyone who likes to go out in Moseley.

The Moseley Society  has spent over 30 years pretending to represent the people of Moseley.

Their recent “achievements” include:

  • Supporting the building of flats next to the Prince of Wales
  • Campaigning against live music in Moseley
  • Trying to stop the opening of Wetherspoons in Moseley
  • Supporting the building of a new Tesco in Moseley
  • Introducing a policy that will mean no company will ever be able to reopen the Jug of Ale
  • Delaying and preventing coffee bars from opening
  • Making life difficult for new restaurants

I could go on. This small group of elderly, white, well off residents treat our pubs, restaurants and bars like a cancer. The people who use them as troublemakers.

The Moseley Society sniff their own fumes … they don’t engage with the thousands of everyday folk in the village. They don’t socialise with the likes of you and me. They stick to their own kind, reinforcing their views, cementing their prejudices. Despite the small number of members and the lack of real representation, they are seen as the voice of Moseley and have massive influence on key issues which affect our daily lives.

Their biggest failure is how Moseley is today: more empty shops, no daytime economy, no live music venues, large development sites left empty or turned into yuppie flats. Moseley is not the vibrant place it used to be and after 30 years of failure, its time for change!

So in November I would like you to join in a campaign to force change and make the Moseley Society more representative. I am asking you to join The Moseley Society. Their own literature asks for more new members so lets give them what they want.

It’s easy and will not take up too much of your time. Or your money.

Just come in to the Prince of Wales, fill out a simple membership form and pay the £6 membership fee. We will do the rest.  If you need encouraging to do this, we will give £6 to spend in the Prince of Wales. It will cost you nothing and you can make a real difference to the future of Moseley.

Come in today. Join today.

It will protect the Prince of Wales and other pubs like it. Help us make Moseley a place we can all enjoy, not just the priviledged few.



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  2. Hiya Dudes! Anyone out there know much about the pay-to-listen download caper? (Gnarles Barkley famously gave it a crack a few years ago!). If it’s still a viable option, I’ve got an idea I’d like to bang out. Need someone elses expertise though. Ah well, just thought I’d ask!
    Les Woolf
    (AKA “Citizen Smith”!)

  3. Hiya Folks! I’d be keen to hear from any charities, or those who may know of any charities, which may have applied for premises in the Moseley area at any time over the last 15-20 years, but who were unsuccesfull. If there is anyone, or any charity or related set-up, why do you think this was, and what reasons were you/they given? Also, any movement on the new-build next to The Prince? Doubtless the company is happy to grab the cash while it’s going, and maybe even use The Prince as a selling point—-they ought to tell their prospective punters that, thanks to them and the sellers, the “historic” or “iconic” or “Bohemian” Prince of Wales is potentially under threat. Facking toads!

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