Posted by: The Prince of Whales | October 20, 2010

The Future of Moseley

Will the bends sign be replace with "Closed after 10pm"

Not a lot of people know this …

Wednesday morning sees The Moseley Society and The Police attempting to stiffle the night time economy of Moseley.  Under the cover of a little known section of the 2003 Licensing Act, The Moseley Society will be leading the charge to stamp out live music, force pubs to close early and stop cafes and bars from offering what many folks moved to the village to enjoy.

Before the City Council’s Licensing Committee they will be attempting to force through a Special Policy for Moseley. If successful, Moseley will be labelled a trouble spot and yet again find itself alongside Broad Street and Hurst Street as one of only three Special Policies in the whole city. Under this regime, licensed premises effectively have their licenses frozen. They are unable to innovate, unable to secure any variations on their existing licenses, unable to offer some of the things that once made Moseley a great place to live and work.

Now n0-one wants more pubs or 24 hour pubs, anti social behaviour or any of the crap that happens on Broad Street.

We should all want a strong night time economy, creating jobs and benefits for many businesses without making life hell for residents. We should be proud of the night life on offer in the village, leveraging it and using it to get more things going in the daytime economy.

Badly managed pubs should be closed down but well run premises should be allowed to flourish.

Don’t be fooled, this is not just about pubs. Its about the future of the village. The type of place you want to work, rest and play. If The Moseley Society win tomorrow its a step closer to gentrification; a movement towards a quiet Edwardian suburb, where the white, elderly, well off, christian folks get to take another step towards snuffing out the vibrant, buzzing, creative talents of something we really all should be proud of.

Who knows who will win the day …



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