Posted by: The Prince of Whales | October 15, 2010

The Horlicks Revolution



Who needs the Moseley Society


For years Moseley has been the best place to live in Brum.

No matter how old or young, what job you did or didn’t do, race, colour or creed; Moseley was where it was happening. Artists, builders, poets, plumbers, journalists, performers, politicans, writers, brickies, lawyers, singers, social workers, media folk, teachers and party animals of all descriptions lived and died here!

It was a great place to live, a good place to work and a great place to go out.

Sure Moseley has changed and it lacks some of the wilder stuff that helped give it that BoHo feel but its still clinging on, fighting to keep is artistic, creative end up.

Now Moseley finds its shelf at a crossroads, lacking civil leadership.

Wavering and unsure which way to go, its being dragged backwards towards gentrification. Its vibrant and creative side suffocated by a white, eldery, well off, christian minority who want to see everyone in bed by 9.30pm and tucked up a mug of Horlicks.

Now the Moseley Society do some great work on conservation; protecting our historic buildings and preserving our urban environment. Looking backwards great; looking forwards rubbish. In fact it’s worse: they are positively destroying the type of Moseley many people believe in. They are helping to erode the very activities that make Moseley for many people.

Here’s a list of their “achievements” in the area of licensing …

  • The introduction of a Special Policy for alcohol in 2008, one of only 3 in Birmingham, labelling the village a trouble spot and likening Moseley to Broad Street.
  • Remember the venue at The Fighting Cocks. You know the one where The Smiths, Ocean Colour Scene and many other great bands played … prevented from reopening by the Moseley Society
  • Now the Prince of Wales, its future threatened by a development of luxury appartments, supported by The Moseley Society.

Next week, The Moseley Society will again seek to extend the Special Policy which has such an unseen yet negative effect on the night time ecomony. Of course nobody wants more pubs, no-one wants badly managed pubs or bars. No-one wants antisocial behaviour.

Yet we need to be proud of Moseley’s vibrant culture; we should be seeking to reinforce its musical, artist past. We need to make it the jewel in the City’s crown. Moseley’s night time economy is a real strength; we need to leverage it; make it work in the day time too. We should focus on leisure, hospitality, tourism and creative businesses. Encourage students back. Be the best the city can offer; the region’s answer to Brighton, Brum’s version of Camden.

Instead of offering up the few remaining big development sites to Tesco or yuppee flats, The Moseley Society and The Moseley Business Association should be going out seeking inward investment in Leisure, Cultural or Tourism projects. Instead of fighting The Prince over folks drinking outside it should be putting forward a vision of our future that residents and businesses can believe in.

So if you don’t think gentrification is right; if you don’t want to be in bed with that Horlicks by 9.30pm, come with me and lets start a revolution. Its time to take over The Moseley Society and turn it into a positive force for the whole community, not just the priviledged few.


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