Posted by: The Prince of Whales | October 12, 2010

New Whisky Menu



Pop in for a wee dram


Later this month we will be celebrating our new whisky menu with a tasting session at 9pm on Thursday 21st October.  We now have a great range of around 40 malts, with a standard list of about 35 plus a few extras in my private stock!

Being a bit of a “peathead” myself  and fond of a hint smoke, I am particularly fond of the Taslisker Distillers Edition and generally tend towards the Islay malts. However if the slight sweetness of Speyside is more your thing,  one malt that talk me by surprise recently is The Bruichladdich 15 year old. Although an Islay malt, I find it far from typical. Bottle wise its very similar to other presentations in the range but that’s where the similarities end. It’s almost twice the price of the 10 year old at about £70 a bottle, but well worth the premium.

Right from the nose it has a freshness with less peat, quite unexpected from most Islay malts. This encourages lemon, flowers and mellow fruit to come through. Its long but very smooth.

You can buy this at several places on-line, but if you need a wee dram first to convince you, why not pop down The Prince. Better still come to our tasting event on the 21st and taste this great whisky along with 3 others for just £10. See you then!


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