Posted by: The Prince of Whales | October 8, 2010

No better time to write your first novel!



Writers Workshop~ Tuesdays 8pm


I have always fancied writing a novel.

I suppose I have never had the balls to stop everything else for a while, sit down and get stuck in. You might be like me with several ideas for different stories but not sure just exactly how to start and not confident that, having put pen to paper, the finished product will be worth reading, never mind publishing.

There’s the story of the skate park, complete with armed gangs, sandwiches with party leaders, attempted suicide, corrupt property developers, great athletes, fantastic musicans and a personal triumph over tragedy. Then there’s my children’s book idea, handcrafted in the shed at The Prince a couple of weeks ago with my friend Mark. Introducing Egon Bone (that should be pronouced Bone ay – as in the French with an e acute at the end). Egon Bone is The Kennel Inspector. Egon is the dog that secretly travels around inspecting kennels and reporting back to fellow cannines. Fun for kids,  morality for the rest of us.

Finally I have “Inside Out”,  a tale of corporate success, private failure and one man’s fall from grace. As someone once said to me … “its a short walk from the penthouse to the shit house!”

But that’s all I have. Some ideas. I have yet to write a single page.

Next week Andy Kileen is going to help me change all that.

Andy is a published writer, with 2 novels under his belt. Starting next Tuesday, Andy is going to run a writers workshop at the Prince. Its only a £5 a time and might just help you (and me) get beyond the first page. If you want to come along, please come down to the Prince at 8pm.


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