Posted by: The Prince of Whales | September 11, 2010

Stop the flats. Save the Prince

When we arrived at The Prince, the previous management did you and me a fantastic disservice. They neglected to put up any resistance whatsoever against proposals put forward by Australian property developer Crosby, to build 50 apartments next to the pub. These flats, complete with top floor balconies overlooking the beer garden, are just 8 feet away from several hundred people drinking and having a good time every friday and saturday night.  Even without music, just the sheer popularity of the beer garden in summer, means it’s just a matter of time before a resident complains.

That’s all it will take: a single unreasonable resident and the future of the pub could be in the balance. Without the revenue from busy nights in the garden and one-offs like the World Cup or our pantomime, the Prince would be unviable.

So why are we so worried? Well in Birmingham, its happened before. Spotted Dog, Fiddle and Bone, the Rainbow, Steve Ajao’s benefit gig at the Prince.  All of these resulted in legal action that seriously curtained each pub’s ability to offer its customers what they wanted.

Here’s a short video that gives you the background:

So what are we trying to achieve.  To be honest, it will be difficult to stop the development but we may be successful at getting some addition conditions attached that will reduce the potential for noise complaints. The scheme could be redesigned without the balconies and sound proofing could be improved all round. At the very least we will have established a base position from which it will be easier to defend the pub against potential complaints.

We now have almost 200 individual objections from pub regulars. Why not call in, join our campaign and sign a letter. They must be in by Wednesday 15th so we have only a few days to go.



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