Posted by: The Prince of Whales | September 2, 2010

The Cocktail Twins

May the fruit be with you

No, it’s not early 1980’s dream pop icons from Scotland but Connor and Dave, our new Cocktail Lounge heroes who will be mixing up Vespa Martinis, Niagra Falls, B52’s, Sweet Manhattans and about 40 other great cocktails at The Prince from this weekend.

After tonight’s session with a few of the staff, I can confirm these boys are on great form. We sampled about 15 different cocktails and they were all delicious, although my own judgement was rather blurred towards the end!

So every week, Wednesday through Sunday evenings, the boys will be ready in our new cocktail lounge, to fix you up the perfect drink.

Yes yes we know… you thought The Prince was all about great beer. Well it still is and will continue to be so with our beer range improving all the time and our new brewery due to come on tap before the end of the year.  With 30 Belgian bottled beers and 10 of the best cask ales in the land, beer lovers need not fear.  But doesn’t everyone need a little sophistication from time to time.

Chin Chin!


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