Posted by: The Prince of Whales | July 27, 2010

The Most Expensive Pork Bap in the World

£50 for a Pork Bap!

As some of you may know on Sundays we sell fantastic pork baps … at £1.50 for  a large floured bap, stuffed choc full with roast pork and home made apple sauce, they are excellent value!

However last Sunday one customer paid the princely sum of £50 for his pork bap!

It was about 9pm when Ross was sat talking to one of our regulars and propping up the bar. Suddenly one Desmond, bricklayer of Small Heath (not a regular), snatched a pork bap from the basket on the bar and proceeded to leg it out of door! Ross stopped the thief in his tracks with “hey you can do that, they are £1.50”.

At this the bloke started ranting and raving and then punched and smashed the stained glass window in the front door on his way out. While Ross tried to reason with him, I called the Old Bill but Desmond walked off towards Balsall Heath, bap in hand. Ten minutes later the Old Bill arrived, took a description and headed off in hot pursuit.

It didn’t take long before Desmond returned, sat nice and cosy in the back of a squad car.

Then in a surprising but brilliant bit of police work, the officer in charge offered me a choice. I could either take our man Desmond to court or, and this is the really surprising bit, opt for local resolution. What’s this I asked.

The officer explained that we could all avoid the paperwork and hassle, as Des had admitted the office, by using local resolution. The officers would drive him to the cash point, he would take out the £50 I estimated as the cost of repair for the window and they would drive back and hand over the cash. I was shocked.

I agreed and ten minutes later the police returned and handed me the cash.

Now that’s what I call justice!


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