Posted by: The Prince of Whales | July 18, 2010

Celebrating a good week

Cuba's Finest

Boy have we had a good week! A good month in fact. Following on from the refurbishment, the World Cup was a massive commercial success. Even before it was all over, we were into our Moseley Festival programme and the day after the World Cup Final we were straight into our production of Alice Through The Liquor Glass.  The week finished with some excellent coverage in the Guardian no less: the beer garden at The Prince was one of 5 pubs featured on the back page of the Travel Section.

With no chance of a day off, I decided to reward myself with a Cohiba Behike BHK 56 … the Laguito No. 6 Double Robusto. This is simply a fabulous cigar and the biggest Cohiba I have ever smoked. At 56 ring guage, its not far short of an inch wide and at 6.5 inches,  its a smoke that went well beyond 90 minutes and into extra time.  This cigar looked beautiful and was smoking perfection. It was beautifully constructed, a little difficult to light ( more due to its size than anything else) but once on the go, the draw and burn were perfect. It was a classic Cohiba, with the trademark full flavour balanced by a creamy smoothness. It really is the ultimate expression of a great cigar – so much flavour and yet so, so creamy!

Cigar Perfection

So if you are into your cigars, take a suitcase of cash and pop into Hollingsworths in downtown Brum and get your very own Cohiba Behike. Enjoy


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