Posted by: The Prince of Whales | July 12, 2010

Alice is here … Break a leg!

Who The Fuck is Alice?

A few months ago, the idea of another Prince of Wales Players production sounded great. Now with 30 minutes until the curtain opens on the first night, the nevres have kicked in. Well and truly kicked in!

Before we set up the players about 18 months ago, I had never done any sort of drama (apart from the drama you get with having 4 kids and a pub) so it has all been an adventure and one I have enjoyed sharing with a a whole group of new friends. Here we are on our third production. Rocky Horror was great; The Magic Moose was even better,  so I hope we raise the bar even further with Alice.

Mind you, it all very nearly went wrong last night when I suddenly developed a pain in my shoulder. There was no reason or obvious cause, I was just knocking about the pub as normal when at about 10pm, my shoulder started to stiffen up. My 11pm I could hardly move my right side. By midnight I was in agony and by 1am I was sitting in the new A&E department at the QE.

Very nice for a casuality department and when we arrived to find no-one there, we thought good, we will be in and out in a flash. Wrong. After 2 hours sitting in the waiting area; 2 hours when no other patients arrived, we were still waiting. True 9 casualities had come out of the double doors of the treatment area and left the building, but no-one had invited us anywhere beyond the waiting room!

Still by 4am I had had an ecg, an X ray, blood test and a few other things beside. Then without a physical examination, the doctor told me to go home and take a couple of Ibruprofen. Well worth the visit!

So fellow cast members, I would like to say … Good luck and break a leg, but for God’s sake don’t go to the new QE!


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