Posted by: The Prince of Whales | July 5, 2010

We Got That Swing

What a fantastic night at The Prince!

All Hail Django

Many thanks to Simon Harris and all the musicans who made the after party for the inaugural Mostly Jazz Festival such a great gig here last night. if Django himself could have been there, he would have been proud.   And to Leigh and the rest of our staff for holding it together and serving us so well.

It was a great way to end the Festival – a fitting finale to a fab addition to the Moseley Summer calendar.

Ask anyone who came, it was a seminal evening with great music, dancing and a fabulous atmosphere in the packed front bar. It must rate amongst my Top Ten music nights at the Prince:

1. Destroyers in the Garden for my 2008 48th Birthday

2. 360 in the front bar: the one and only time there has been crowd surfing at the Prince!

3. Steve Ajao and his Blues Band; New Year at the Prince. Brilliant!

4. Diane Braithwaite sings the blues in our Cellar

5. Del Camino (One Eye) Garden Gig

6. Mad Irish Birthday Party in the Cellar – fiddles and banjoes til 4am

7. Chris Cleverly’s winning performance at Moseley’s Got Talent 2009

Louis leads the magical Destroyers

8. Kat’s performance of “Walk on By” on the same night

9. Pete Hammond abandoned his drum kit and his washboard in favour of playing (yes playing) the spirit cupboard door, durin a great Steve Ajao gig in the cellar.

10. Terry Clarke in the back room: OK the room was too small and we didn’t pack ’em in but it was fantastic to hear Terry’s voice filling the pub with that swing!

So if its to feature in my Top 10, its must push something out. Now that’s a tough choice.


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