Posted by: The Prince of Whales | May 26, 2010

To Moose or not to Moose, that is the Question

Maddox The Moose

He has divided opinion and torn friends asunder. He has masses of fans and loads of detractors. Many want him out; many more want him back. Maddox the Moose, currently on holiday from the front bar of The Prince, is destined to make his return. Some of our customers would prefer if he stayed away but others refused to even contemplate a front bar without the Moose.

With all this support, you would be forgiven for thinking the Moose has been part of the pub since its earliest days in 1861. Nope … I’m afraid not. Maddox came to The Prince as late as 2006. The previous owner, some of you will recall, was an airline pilot and on his travels he stumbled across Maddox in Canada . Shot in the mid 1930’s, stuffed and mounted, he is a magnificent specimen.

His export to the UK didn’t go that smoothly and he ended up getting lost in transit for some time. Finally he arrived at The Prince but only to suffer the ultimate Moose indignity. Mike the airline pilot hired a couple of our regulars to install him in the bar. Now Maddox is a big beast and his full eight pointer antlers are huge. In fact so huge the would not quite fit. So what did our friendly regulars do … simple; they chopped of the tips of his antlers!

Now they probably thought no-one would notice; afterall it wasn’t all his tips, just a couple of the small ones on one side.

As it turns out this was not bad thing for Maddox. When we took over The Prince a year later, Diane was very keen on getting rid of the Moose and so were a few customers. I didn’t care one way or the other as I figured he was such a recent edition, many customers wouldn’t care either. So I emailed a few photos off to collectors, to see how much he was worth and whether we could find Maddox a new home. Each one came back to say that, has his tips has been snipped, he was worthless! In taxidermy it appears, all eight points must be intact. Poor old Maddox.

Over the last three years Maddox has grown on me. I love the way his eyes follow you around the bar; he reminds me of my old horse George and I love the story of how he got his name. The regulars held a charity auction for the right to give him a name, with the highest bidder buying the right to “christen” him. John the Brick paid £100 to call him after his least favourite regular Steve Maddox. A case of poor Steve Maddox and poor old Maddox!

Now the refurbishment is over should Maddox return? I think so. Let me know your views.


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