Posted by: The Prince of Whales | May 24, 2010

Rod Returns

Its a warm welcome back to The Prince for Rod.

Actually I don’t quite know how to classify this blog entry; if you look in the navigation bar on the right of the page, it offers a series of categories. Perhaps a title of Landlord Eats Humble Pie would put it in the food category. Ah but what beer is a good match for Humble Pie? Perhaps Pubs and Politics or the more straightforward Pub People would be best.

Anyway Rod featured in my previous blog about Sad Bastards Corner as one of three disgruntled regulars pissed off that their favourite Moseley corner was no more.

Rod came in this evening and confronted me about the blog. He had not read the piece but he was offended at the thought of his name being banded about the internet. We had a good constructive chat and I logged on and read out the blog to him. Rod’s key point was “Moseley is a village, we don’t need to air our differences over the internet. Why not simply talk to each other”.

Well said Rod; except it was probably the biggest thing that’s happened to the pub in a generation. Its has dominated our lives and captured the imagination of our customers. It was difficult not to comment. Clearly I did not seek to offend people, merely to set the record straight.

One thing is certain; Rod has been a good friend of this pub over the last couple of years. He has helped out in many ways … electrics, lighting, events, darts to name but a few. This pub needs people like Rod. Hopefully now we have cleared the air, Rod will be back and I will need to buy him a pint or two!


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