Posted by: The Prince of Whales | May 21, 2010

RIP Sad Bastards Corner

Today marks a new begining for The Prince of Wales. As many of you will know from the cloak of scaffolding around the building, we are almost at the end of the biggest makeover the pub has seen in living memory and tonight sees the re-opening of the main bar. Hopefully we have done a good job, preserving the traditional soul of the pub whilst evolving the facilities to entice new customers through the door.

Its not enough and we have much more work to do but its a start.

Out go the smelly toilets and in comes a new real fire, good leather seating and a better bar layout. More comfort, more choice and a better place to be.  We hope all our customers like the new look and we would like to thank everyone for the universally positive feedback we have enjoyed during the work.

Not everyone is happy. The removal of Sad Bastards Corner, that little space at the South end of the bar, has disappointed three of our customers, namely Roger, John and Rod, more than most. We listened to their views, and the views of others. All the original doubting regulars have seen the progress of the works and now happily endorse our decision. But not Roger, Rod and John.

The Not So Jolly Roger

In the end we needed to make a commercial decision to preserve the future of the whole pub. We understand their disappointment and each of them will be welcomed back with open arms.

Obviously we would like them to come back. What we do not like is the continued criticism of Leigh. I am proud that whilst these guys stood at the other side of the bar, ranting and raving about how Diane and me “did not know how to run a pub”; how we had “no idea” about the Prince of Wales and how we had “wrecked” the pub, Leigh defended our work at the Prince and simply invited them to tell me these things to my face.  Declining his invitation and storming out of the pub as nothing to do with Leigh’s behaviour and more to do with their own cowardice.

Shame on you Roger, John and Rod.

Attacking and criticising Diane night after night. Complaining about someone who works an average 90 hour week to make the pub a success. Then blaming Leigh when things don’t go their way. Roger in particular using Leigh as a scapegoat for the isolated position he now finds himself in. All this from a person who we took under our own roof for well over a year.

Diane and me always welcome feedback. We do listen and we do follow suggestions through: take the work that has already started on the Lounge … a suggestion that came out of our meeting with regulars. We love feedback; we loath insults.

So its goodbye to Sad Bastards Corner and hello the new Prince of Wales. We hope you ALL like it.



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