Posted by: The Prince of Whales | May 1, 2010

Pubs and The Police

Yesterday me and scores of publicans across Birmingham received a letter from the police about safety during TV screening of  World Cup games. It came from an officer none of us had met before so he introduced himself before asking all pubs to implement a series of recommendations. Some were common sense, some were existing law, yet two were complete bollocks!

The first of these was a recommendation that all draught beer be served in plastic glasses. The second was that all glass bottled drinks be decanted into plastic glasses.

Whilst both of these recommendations may have a role in certain pubs, they would be completely unneccessary in others. Imagine the reaction of two gentlemen in their 60’s, having popped into the Prince for a quiet pint and being served their Abbot in a plastic glass. Or a couple of ladies buying a bottle of wine to see it poured into plastic glasses and told they weren’t allowed an ice bucket, just in case they were to throw it at someone.

My favourite section of the letter was the ending.  First there was a warning: “failure to do this may result in consideration being given to a review of the premise license.” This was followed immediately by “I believe that by working together …”

Will there be hooligans on the street this World Cup?

Now the officer clearly has no idea of working together. He ignored the Pubwatch meetings where all the pubs in Moseley meet on a regular basis with the police to discuss pub safety. Instead he chooses to send a blanket letter threatening folks livelihoods; hardly the best way to start a partnership!

Fear not, there will be no plastic glasses in the Prince.


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