Posted by: The Prince of Whales | April 11, 2010

Now that’s a great cigar

Two of my favourite cigars are Cohiba Siglo VI and Montecristo No. 2. Both are a bit of a stretch for a “poor” publican so these tend to be for special occasions whilst I “make do” with the excellent value for money Te-Amo World Series robustos for more everyday smokes. Slightly better days see me lighting up a Rocky Patel Sixty, also a great smoke.

Yesterday was the first good day for business at the pub for almost 6 months … Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve were good but for the 26 weeks of winter, we lost money on about 20 weeks.So as the sun came out on Thursday, trade began to build and Saturday was a very busy day indeed.


The Full Monte


Last nights closing time cigar was a new one for me, a Montecristo Sublime, a limited edition from 2008.  Taking over an hour to smoke, this 6.5 inch, 54 ring gauge Havana is certainly imposing.  A fantastic smoke; spicy with leather and pepper flavours, yet smooth and creamy. A great cigar for a good cigar day.


Don't forget ... never flick the ash on a cigar



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