Posted by: The Prince of Whales | February 24, 2010

Beer hunting in Belgium

A few weeks ago I won a small concession from Punch. Punch decided to delist 18 gallon containers of Abbot and Bombardier, forcing us to use 9 gallon firkins, a move that will increase our waste and cost us an extra £6,000 a year. The concession was a gentlemen’s agreement to allow me to sell bottled beers not offered by Punch, a suggestion put forward by myself as I would like to sell Belgium beers.

So I was doing some research on the web yesterday and discovered that April 23rd 2010 will see 24 craft breweries across Belgium open their doors and welcome in visitors for a tour and tastings. Time to organise a trip!

We will always have Brussels

So on Saturday morning, 24th April (2 months time), a minibus will be leaving the Prince for a 2 night stay in Belgium, returning on Monday evening. The cost will be about £100. The itinery will follow this rough outline:

  • 10am Depart The Prince for Eurotunnel crossing, arriving tea time in Brussels.
  • Visits to a couple of great beer bars in Brussels followed by Dinner
  • Late night visit to a further bar
  • Sunday visits to a selection of Breweries
  • Dinner Sunday Evening
  • Monday Morning trip to wholesalers to buy beer
  • Lunchtime departure
  • Monday Evening arrival back in Birmingham

The cost of the travel (mini bus), channel crossing, 2 nights hotel (based on  twin/double occupancy) bed and breakfast will be about £99!

If you are interested please email me at


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