Posted by: The Prince of Whales | February 11, 2010

Belguim Beers

Last night we had to meet our son Will to sign some legal papers. Will lives in London so we arranged to meet in one of my old haunts, Belgos, the Belgium beer and food restaurant in Camden opposite the Roundhouse.

We had not visited the place for almost 15 years so it was good to see it had not changed that much. The food was very good but the beers were excellent. The place is famous for a beer list of about 50 beers, ranging from fruit beers to Geuze style beers, Trappist beers and Lambics. Some are on draught but most are bottle conditioned.

Diane, not a big beer drinker, started off with a Floris Mango beer, a bit sweet and pop like but still very refreshing and just the thing at only 3.6% abv.

Will started with a  Witkap Stimulo (abv 6.5%) , a yeasty golden beer with a tight head and lovely lemony hops. Myself I went for the slighty mightier Judas (8.5%abv), fruity, almost earthy and powerful.

The Stilton of Beers

Not the best bottle design but a great beer

Nice glass, even better beer

I then tried a beer I didn’t get on with; Boon Ould Geuze. I am familar with Geuze, a beer style that’s produced by mixing young and old lambic beers. A lambic beer is produced only in a very small area around Brussels where natural born yeasts are used in the fermentation. Indeed a good few years ago I spent  several days travelling around a group of small breweries including some fantastic lambic producers.

Geuze is often compared to Champagne, as the introduction of the young beer to the old beer produces a secondary fermentation in the bottle and you usually get a lively, zesty beer. For me the aroma of the beer had a strong ripe Stilton nose and I just couldn’t get past it. I love Stilton but it was too much for me here.

We finished off with a bottle of Rodenbach Grand Cru. This was possibly the star of the evening. Medium bodied and dark Flemish red.  Refreshing with fruit and oak, the result of 24 months of maturation in oak casks like wine. So if you are ever in North London, Belgos is well worth a vist!

Well worth the trip down the M40


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