Posted by: The Prince of Whales | February 1, 2010

Dress Rehersal for The Prince Panto

Well, after a process that started with a few of us sat in the beer garden, bashing ideas around on sunny Summer afternoons, the Panto is almost upon us. Today was Dress Rehersal and the curtain goes up for real on Tuesday night.

It’s looking good. Some scenes are fantastic, the original songs are funny and most of the cast nailed their parts brilliantly. Sure some things don’t quite work yet but, as they say, it will be alright on the night.

Robin Bailey as Director as done a great job and every single member of the Company has worked hard; cast, crew and technical support.

The one unsung hero of the piece will be Diane. She has worked like a trojan selling almost 200 advance tickets … no mean feat given the recession , the financial hnagover many folks still have from Christmas and the cold.

Roll up! Roll up!

Talking of the weather, it doesn’t look like its going to be with us. As I write Moseley is covered yet again with a smattering of late night snow and the forecast for the all three nights’ performance is heavy rain! Thank God we are undercover, with the marquee sides on and the new heaters blasting away.

The only thing left to do now is sell more tickets.


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