Posted by: The Prince of Whales | January 7, 2010

Vindhaloo Porridge

This was an idea from one of our Biker regulars … a sort of cross cultural heart warmer to keep these cold winter mornings at bay!

The Prince this week

"In the bleak mid winter, just a few days ago"

It sounds strangely tasty and almost edible but I still don’t think you will find it on the menu at The Prince.

In contrast, tomorrow’s After Work Special (AWS) will be breaking new ground. We make a hearty bowl of goodness every day at pub, good home cooked comfort food.  Lancashire Hotpot, Steak and Ale Casserole, Pork Cassoulet, Beef Chilli and Ginger Pig (pork cooked with beer, ginger and chilli). All cooked fresh and served up with bread!

We sell it for a £1 a bowl (£2 for a big bowl) just to bring in a few extra people late afternoons and early evenings. It doesn’t make a profit but it keeps our customers happy and an increasing number of folks pop in on their way home, sit down in front of our fire and enjoy a bowl of this and a drink before going home. They love it.

Well tomorrow (Friday 8th January) we are moving into new territory offering Rabbit and Chicken Casserole. Rabbit is not often seen on menus these days, and only then at your rather more upmarket establishments. So its good to see The Prince putting rabbit back where it belongs … good, honest food at an affordable price. There will be lots of celery, leeks, carrots and perhaps a bit of barley in the pot to help the flavour along and plenty of rabbit to add that little bit of a twist. It should be ready about 4pm and when its gone its gone! I am looking forward to it already.


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