Posted by: The Prince of Whales | January 5, 2010

What do Snow White, a Moose and Henley Royal Regatta all have in Common?

Maddox the soon to be Magic Moose

The Prince of Wales of course! Read on.

Its been cold for several weeks now.  So at 9.30 this morning I peeped through the curtains on my way to make tea. Yep very frosty but no snow. Back in bed drinking tea on our so called day off, carrying on with the incessant discussion of what we need to do with the pub, the dogs became restless and it was time for their walk to the Park. Pulling back the curtains I was shocked; amazed… suddenly, in less than 30 minutes, everything sported a thick covering of snow. Which brings us to Snow White. Not your usual Snow White but “Snow White and The Magic Moose”. Let me explain…

Last year we started what we hoped would become a tradition; we put on a drama production. When we lived in rural Suffolk, each year Pakenham Players would bring to together a group of enthusiasts and put on a pantomine. Yes it was very funny, great entertainment and it was a real positive thing for the community.

So in February 2009 we began rehersals and in late June, as part of Moseley Festival, The Prince of Wales Players presented a version of The Rocky Horror Show. It was a great success. So this winter we decided to write, produce and present our own pantomine.

I drafted the original outline along with some great contributions from a group of regulars back in sunny August, sitting the garden, drinking Abbot and coming up with increasingly daft ideas. I then asked Robin Bailey to be director. Grabbing the script by the short and curlies, he turned it into something much better. Robin’s one of our favourite regulars and amongst his many accolades are playing the Narrator in our Rocky Horror and for many years being the commentator at Henley Royal Regatta.

So as Maddox the Moose stares patiently across the front bar (we have a stuffed moose on the wall), we are all waiting for the first week in February when, through a bit of magic (and carefull moving), he will reply to the question “Moosey, Moosey on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”


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